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Still from Calvin Klein's 1986 Obsession commercial. black and white. Foreground from left to right: king chess piece, bottle of obsession, orchid bloom. Background: soft focus of young woman's face

10 Vintage Perfume Commercials From the 1970s and 1980s

When we think about branding, these 10 vintage perfume commercials from the 1970s and 1980s are going for the gold. Without further ado, in chronological order: 1. Babe by Faberge – 1977 2. Cie Perfume – 1978 3. Charlie by Revlon – 1978 4. Jean Naté – 1979 5. Enjoli – 1979 6. Chanel No.…
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5 Easy Steps to Creating Segments in GA4

After using Universal Analytics for so long, switching over to GA4 and finding where every part of your data is hiding can be tricky. In Universal Analytics, we could easily find segments in the Audience tab. In GA4, the Explore tab, and not as one would think the Report tab, is where to build and…
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